Nytt uppdrag – ATOMIZE

21 maj 2021
Nytt uppdrag från ATOMIZE

Atomize is an innovative and ambitious SaaS Automated Revenue Management Software platform built upon a sophisticated machine-learning- and data science algorithm.

We’re looking for the right person to assume the role as a Data Science Engineer at Atomize. You will play an important role in the Optimization team, responsible for the preliminary research, design, implementation, and subsequent continuous improvement of the core of our offer: the price optimization intelligence. As a part of the team, you will build forecasting and price recommendation models informed by mathematical and domain-specific research, and our customers’ feedback; benchmark them on a combination of simulations and historical data, and operationalize them to scale to our whole client base. 

You will run simulations modelling the behaviour of millions of guests and develop algorithms to make automated pricing decisions in real-time. The system is fully cloud-based hosted on AWS. We use Kotlin for the backend and Python for everything that covers data analysis.

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